Which One is Better for A Hunter?

It’s all about stability. The more stable your rest, theoretically the more accurate your shot. Consider shooting off hand with no rest at all. Kneeling is better than standing and prone is better than sitting. The same thing is true with any rest. The challenge of real-world hunting conditions is you can’t always move closer to the ground and you have to be able to react fast. You can’t carry a bench rest with you. So the answer to which one is better? It’s your choice based upon your hunt. And sometimes conditions change fast. STEALTHPOD X® gives you freedom of choice and the ability to adjust on the fly. Light and compact to be with you all day, every day.

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Rifle Monopod

Rifle Monopod (1.2 LB)

The Monopod stabilizes the firearm vertically and is great for close and moderate range shooting. Since it quickly adjusts from standing to prone, your stability is greatly enhanced for those longer range shots by setting up closer to the ground.

STEALTHPOD X® adjusts instantly to your Natural Point of Aim in each shooting position. You can shift between targets instantly.

Doubles as an adjustable trekking pole or walking stick to steady you on rugged terrain or fording streams.

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Rifle Bipod (2.1 LB)

The Bipod stabilizes the firearm vertically and laterally, left to right. The forward and backward motion is stabilized as your body essentially provides a third leg. The Bipod gives you an extremely stable shooting platform even while standing and supports shooting out to moderate and long range targets.

Of course, the closer you move to the ground the more steady your rest. The STEALTHPOD X® Bipod enhances your ability to make that accurate shot because it quickly adjusts from standing to prone and keeps you in your Natural Point of Aim, Ready For Every Shot®. Find out why our customers say it’s the best Bipod on the market

The Bipod separates into two adjustable trekking poles. Hunting is challenging-rugged terrain, tough weather conditions, and long hours. You’re often cold, tired and hungry. Rugged wrist-strapped, carbide tipped trekking poles help keep you safe. Adjustable with lever locks for added security, they’re with you all day, every day. And they convert back to your shooting rest on a moment’s notice.

They are your shooting rest.
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SPX Rifle Tripod

Shooting Tripod (2.8 LB)

The Tripod stabilizes the firearm vertically, laterally, and forward and back. It adjusts from standing thru kneeling to sitting for even more stability, and adjusts instantly to your Natural Point of Aim in each shooting position. The Tripod separates into two adjustable trekking poles for those rugged conditions.

The STEALTHPOD X® Tripod converts to the Bipod by simply removing the third leg Tripod Adaptor.

Get the Monopod Adaptor and convert the Bipod to the Monopod.

Get the Complete Shooting System and have all three, Tripod-Bipod-Monopod.

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