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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Q- What makes STEALTHPOD X the best shooting sticks?

A- Speed, versatility and convenience. They’re the fastest on the market. Shoot standing to prone and switch between monopod/bipod/tripod anywhere, anytime. They takedown to fit inside a daypack. Plus you have two rugged trekking poles all weighing in at 3 pounds total. Ready for Every Shot!™


Q-How fast can STEALTHPOD X get on target? 

A- You can get on target from any shooting position in seconds, faster than any other rest.


Q-How fast can you move the rest to stay on target or move to multiple targets?

A- Again in seconds. It moves with your firearm because it’s button controlled and slides soundlessly on the legs like rails. With practice you’ll swing your firearm freely side to side and up and down as if the rest isn’t even there. Release the buttons and you’re rock solid, on target. Unlike swivel  yokes you don’t pan or move your body around the rest wasting time and giving away your position. You have a stealthy wide field of fire with your feet and the shooting sticks both in one position on the ground. If a target appears at 90 degrees simply pick up the rest and shift leg positions.


Q-How fast can you adjust your shooting position from standing to kneeling or prone?

A- As fast as you can drop to your knees or sit or lie down.


Q-Can you set up STEALTHPOD X for dedicated sitting or kneeling shooting positions when varmit or turkey hunting when you don’t need a standing rest?

A- Absolutely, simply remove a leg section and you’ve got short shooting sticks. Works well inside blinds too, because the rest is now only 45 inches high maximum.


Q-How about shooting prone?

A- You can shoot prone with the standing setup because the rest slides to the leg bottoms. For dedicated prone simply use the lower leg section only.


 Q- What is natural point of aim?

A- A shooters natural point of aim is their natural, comfortable body position for each and every shooting position. That also means your setup is triangulated with the sticks using major bones and muscles to provide an easy to maintain solid shooting platform. If you stretch or scrunch out of your natural point of aim your muscles tense, breathing shortens and your mind starts to doubt the shot. That’s a formula for failure.


Q- How does the STEALTHPOD X keep a shooter in their natural point of aim?

A- They are the best shooting sticks to adjust to your every natural point of aim because they are infinitely adjustable to your body instantly. The rest comes to you, not the other way around.


Q-How fast and easy can you convert the Bipod to a Tripod? 

A- It takes only a minute or two to attach the third leg to the Bipod.


Q-How fast and easy can you convert the Bipod to a Monopod?

A- Again it takes only a minute or two to convert…

Q-How versatile is STEALTHPOD X? Is there any shooting position it won’t support?

A- There is no shooting position it won’t support. They are simply the most versatile shooting sticks available today. You can even setup on severe slopes to shoot down, up or cross slope confidently. Since the legs rotate out past horizontal, you can setup in situations impossible for any other rest and still move the button controls instantly for final adjustment or target acquisition.


Q- Is it lightweight?

A- Absolutely. The monopod only weighs 18 oz, the Bipod 34 oz,the Tripod 43 oz, and the Complete System only 46 oz. with travel bag.


Q- Does it take down to fit in a daypack or luggage?

A- Yes, it takes down to about 23 inches and comes with a carry bag.


Q-How fast can you reassemble it?

A- You can assemble the Bipod in two to three minutes from takedown mode. When still hunting or trekking you would have the Bipod assembled and in use. You can connect the two trekking poles to create the Bipod in 10 to 20 seconds.


Q-How does it perform in different weather conditions?

A- STEALTHPOD X performs in all weather from desert conditions to below zero and in rain or snow.


Q-How about different ground conditions like rock and snow?

A- The carbide tips work well in all ground conditions. Snow and sand baskets are available for deeper snow, sand or marshland. 


Q-Will it provide a solid rest even on severe slopes and rugged terrain?

A-Yes they are the best shooting sticks for rugged, hard to traverse terrain of all kinds. The carbide tips hold even on rock and since the legs rotate out past horizontal you can set up even against a vertical ravine sidewall and still make instant adjustments.


Q-What kind of trekking tips are available when used as trekking poles and staffs?

A- It comes with carbide tips. Rubber twist on tips and trekking and snow baskets are available. 


Q-Does it have safety wrist straps?

A- Yes, they are adjustable and come standard.


Q-How do you recommend using optics with STEALTHPOD X?

A- Optics are well supported while still hunting by just laying them on the padded shooting rest area. The leg tops are drilled and tapped with 1/4-20 threads to accept optical mounts for binoculars and small spotting scopes. Attached optics are best used in Tripod mode when you want to glass for extended periods. The rifle rest is always available for shooting even when optics are attached. Some customers mount an optic on one leg, rangefinder on the second and can still shoot off the rest area.


Q- How about mounting a camera?

A- Yes, small GoPro style cameras are also popular attachments and both are appropriate with the Bipod or Monopod as well as Tripod.


Q-How about mounting a small rangefinder?

A- Yes, rangefinders work well mounted on either Tripod, Bipod or Monopod.


Q-How rugged is STEALTHPOD X and does it have a warranty?

A- They have a lifetime warranty.


Q-Are they made overseas or in the United States?

A- STEALTHPOD X Shooting Sticks are proudly made in the United States of America.


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