EXTREME Versatility - Only 22.5" Collapsed

STEALTHPOD X® converts between a Bipod, Tripod or Monopod in seconds. Shoot standing to prone fast with the push of a button. Want to shoot sitting exclusively for varmint hunting or even prone for extreme long range? No problem, simply setup with two or one of the three leg sections.

ONE shooting rest, NINE different product configurations PLUS trekking staffs! Supports your optics and range finder or camera while your rifle’s ready, on the rest…Nothing else even comes close.

NINE different rests in ONE system

Monopod, Bipod or Tripod. Tall (Standing to Prone) 10-66”, Medium (sitting to Prone) 10-44”, Short (Prone) 10-21”

All this and the Complete System weighs in at only 2.9 lbs! You’ll want it with you all day on every hunt.

Bench Rest Stability Anywhere, All the Time!

EASY Setup - Twists Together In Seconds

EASY and FAST setup…Combine that with compact, lightweight, modular and you’ve got one extremely versatile and useful shooting rest. A shooting system you’ll always want in the field with you.

STEALTHPOD X® moves smoothly as you move and supports your “Natural Point of Aim”. Go from packed to shooting sticks in no time at all with our simple screw in leg system. We made it extremely easy to assemble the shooting sticks to your liking with offering 3 sections for the desired height and used fine threads for smooth screw in assembly. Simply slide the STEALTHPOD X® shooting rest in place and you're ready to fire.

It’s so intuitive.

“You’ll feel like you’ll never miss again”

OVERCOME Anything - Simply Push a Button and Adapt

Adapt instantly with STEALTHPOD X push button control. It’s intuitive, you feel like your rest follows your rifle while you follow your target in your sights. No more losing sight of your target while you adjust your rest.

Hunting is about overcoming challenges, isn’t it? Your shooting lane just changed, the target moved, gotta swing fast and pick up that new target, change shooting positions under branches, between trees, over obstacles, tough stand locations, shooting uphill, downhill, cross hill, 50 yard shots or out to 600 yards and even more…

On Your Next Hunt Overcome Anything, Anywhere All the Time!

ULITMATE 2-IN-1 - Shooting Sticks and Trekking Staffs

Successful expeditions demand we choose our gear carefully. Ounces count in the backcountry. Multi-purposed gear that excels for each purpose is the ultimate “Weight That’s Worth It”. It actually lightens your load.

STEALTHPOD X delivers the ultimate 2-in-1 expedition grade Shooting Sticks and Trekking Staffs. Nothing else even comes close. Trekking Staffs give you more stability and control than trekking poles when climbing or descending steep, rocky slopes. Plus your ability to instantly adjust grip height and adapt to the terrain is invaluable, especially when carrying a backpack. Easy on the knees and hips. They get you out and back safely.

“Weight That’s Worth It” Patrick Smith, Kifaru International

Rugged gear you can depend on with a lifetime warranty!