patented shooting stick and trekking pole combination

About The Patented Stealth Pod X® Shooting Sticks

The popular term is shooting sticks. The STEALTH POD X® is the most unique and versatile hunter’s shooting rest available today.

“I feel confident…like I’ll never miss again”

It’s the only shooting stick that is button controlled to adjust from standing to prone on frozen earth and snow, rocky ground and severe slopes, in mountains, plains or desert. Whatever the conditions the STEALTH POD X® has you covered!

“Number one, it’s the only rest that will adjust from standing all the way to prone”

STEALTH POD X® is the quickest shooting rest on the market
, the only product that can do all this and still take down to stow in your daypack. It’s lightweight. The bipod version weighs about two pounds so it’s really easy to carry in the field– all day, every day. With you when you need it—Ready For Every Shot®.

Another unique bonus, the bipod handles separate into two rugged trekking poles. That means less weight to carry when ounces count. Leave your old trekking poles back in camp, and when you need your rest it’s there with you.

It’s also modular. The only rest that converts from a bipod, to monopod, to tripod. In other words it converts from two legs, to one leg, to three legs to support all your hunting expeditions.


When shooting, you’re hand supports the fore stock beneath the barrel and that’s exactly where you’ll find the button controls. It’s very intuitive. You almost can move the rifle on the rest as if the rest wasn’t even there. No moving your hands to adjust the legs. STEALTH POD X® moves fluidly with your body and adjusts to your “Natural Point of Aim.”

“Feel the freedom and confidence on every hunt”