About the Inventor


I have loved the outdoors since I was a young boy and have always been fascinated with wildlife, firearms, exploring the woods and going hunting with my dad and his brothers. When I wasn’t hunting I was planning my next hunt. Years later, my son and I were hunting whitetail deer in Kansas. The prairie grass and brush were about waist deep with very few trees and it was impossible to get a solid rest.

Every rifleman knows the closer you can get to the ground, the more stable your rest. It was frustrating. Looking at rests nothing on the market no single rest really satisfied me. They were cumbersome, heavy to carry all day or flimsy. Most were adapted from camera tripods or tent poles. I discovered that I needed two or three different rests to support all my shooting positions and never felt really prepared. I asked myself:

“What could I do better to make one rest that was more useful and easier to use?”
Three years of engineering, prototyping, testing, redesign and patents created the STEALTHPOD X®. It meets my wish list. I hope it meets yours… Good Hunting! Allan Antell