Tips for Winter Hunting Using the Best Hunting Accessories

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January 4, 2017
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January 23, 2017
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Cold weather can be the best time for hunting your bigger game. When the first snow hits waiting in a deer stand gives you the best view of freshly fallen snow, white branches and snow covered clearings. It can also give you an amazing glimpse of a doe or deer no longer hidden by the brown of timber. Sighting in a deer and finding tracks in the snow are some of the best perks of winter hunting. Whether you’re bow hunting, rifle, or even muzzleloading there are a few tips to follow and when using the best hunting accessories, you’ll get the most out of your hunt in the cold and scenic winter months.

  • Keep warm. The most important tip of a winter hunt is to keep warm. Single digit or sub-zero temps can be brutal especially if there is wind. Some of the best hunting accessories are warm clothes. Dress in warm layers with waterproof boots and gloves and use hand warming packets to line both. Feet and toes tend to cool off the quickest so adding warming packets to the toes of your boots are a great way to keep body temps up.
  • Check the forecast. Bucks tend to get up and move around when they sense a cold or storm front is moving. Check your hunting area forecast for any weather moving in and hunt accordingly. Some of the best bucks have been tagged during a cold weather hunt just before a storm.
  • Look for uncovered food sources. Finding a food source not heavily covered could be the key to successful winter hunting. Deer are searching for food this time of year that is not covered and hunting near a food source is sure to make for a great hunt.
  • Winterize your hunting equipment. Check your gear before heading out in the cold and do some test runs. Will everything work when the temps drop? You don’t want to be out and exposed before you realize not everything works. Carry your Stealth Pod X® hybrid system for long hikes across snow covered ground. The versatility of trekking poles to a shooting rest can help guarantee success on a cold winter hunt.

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