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April 14, 2016
Monopod shooting stick Stealth Pod X
Monopod Rifle Demo
May 5, 2016
walking sticks Stealth Pod X

Taking advantage of great ideas that can improve your shooting is something that every hunter wants to do. If you haven’t used an expedition grade shooting stick to test how it can change your game, then you are missing out big time!

One way a walking stick can significantly improve your game is by offering stability for a shot after you have been hiking or climbing and are out of breath. Taking a shot when you are breathing heavily is difficult, and a walking stick improves your ability to make a clean shot.

Another significant game changer is the variation of shots you often need to make. Most hunters like to have a rest of some kind when it comes to taking a shot, but you can’t guarantee that something will be nearby at the right height in your shooting lane when you need to make that shot. An adjustable walking stick/shooting stick can ensure you get to your desired location and have a stable shooting platform whether you are sitting, standing or prone. Easy to carry and dual purpose means you will always have it with you on all your hunts- all day every day.

Because STEALTH POD X® shooting sticks are so adaptable to a wide variety of shots, angles and heights you can significantly improve not only the kinds of shots you take, but the quality as well. Using a spotting scope in combo with your sticks means a far better shot and a setup that takes seconds – less time and risk than it would take for you to try to look around to set up your shot with something Nature may have provided! While there are many natural rests in wooded areas, they are not often where you need them. Open country presents even more challenges. There is just no substitute for being prepared with STEALTH POD X® shooting sticks.

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