Fall Hunting Season Preparations With These Four Tips

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Fall is here with cooler weather, leaves are changing color, and the fall hunting season is underway. Whether you are on the lookout for turkey or rutting whitetail, prepare yourself with some great fall hunting tips and pack up your best gear to get the hunt started. A successful hunt is all about patience, awareness of your surroundings, and a few great hunting essentials.

● When turkey hunting check for tracks and scratches that indicate a flock has been nearby. Turkeys are molting this time of year so pay attention for lost feathers while on the trail. While in the blind use a turkey call to lure in curious birds. The blind will help conceal your movements and give you a clean shot whether it be with a gun or bow.

● Unlike turkey hunting deer hunting requires more than just hiding movement from your game you also need to hide your scent. Using scent blockers before you get started on your hunt is essential to keeping deer from realizing you are close by. Walk quietly to your stand or when tracking to keep from warning deer of your presence.

● Be prepared with fall essentials like hand warmers, scent sprays, a rugged backpack, binoculars, and field knife. Wear multiple layers as the mornings can be cold and temps can rise as the morning moves on. Choosing the right gear can determine the outcome of your hunt so don’t underestimate the importance of your supplies.

● For treks through the timber and clean shots from the blind choose the Stealth Pod X shooting system. Our bipod system transforms from trek sticks to a shooting platform guaranteed to steady your aim and get off the perfect shot.

Check out our shooting stick variations to see which system is best for you. No matter what the season Stealth Pod X is the right system for your hunt.

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