The Best Shooting Sticks: An Evolution

The Best Shooting Sticks: An Evolution

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July 16, 2019
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Innovation (noun): A break with tradition, a shift in emphasis

Innovation of a Frontier Tradition

STEALTHPOD X exists with one primary objective

To create and produce the most innovative technically advanced mobile shooting rest system to help hunters be more successful and comfortable under the physical and mental demands of making that important shot in extreme conditions.

We are hunters who are obsessed with hunting and gear that performs to make us more successful. We’re always thinking about how to make something better or what innovative idea could lead to a breakthrough. Often it begins innocently with our frustration with existing gear. Such was the case with shooting sticks and mobile rests.

So we asked ourselves what doesn’t work with what we’ve been using? That was the easy part. For starters most rests are single purpose and therefore limited at best. We always seemed to need what we didn’t have whether a bipod, monopod or tripod for standing, sitting or prone. Setup was often slow and most were clumsy, too heavy and bulky, didn’t pack well, or in the other extreme fragile, unsteady and easily broken. Plus they were slow to adjust (if you could adjust them at all…) and our body and arm movement setting and resetting lever locks was anything but stealthy.

The designs were essentially taken from camera tripods or tent poles and it shows. Some bracketed back to your body or belt and were unstable at even moderate ranges. The rifle mounted bipods are stable but limited in elevation or terrain, catch on vegetation and change a firearm’s balance. All this was not a confidence builder in those moments of truth when our shot counted.

Our goal was to design a major innovative breakthrough product or not even bother. We needed to solve real problems and had no interest in another “me too” product. 

We made a list of what the best shooting sticks would need to be:

    Support shooting from standing to prone and even other unconventional positions, ready for anything and every shot
  • FAST
    Quickly adjust from one shooting position to another as the hunt demands
    Instant button control with the non shooting support hand in its natural position with infinite adjustment and little body movement to get and stay on target
    Because women and youth are the future of hunting
    Shift between targets instantly to simulate offhand shooting with each shooting position while looking through your scope or open sights to get on target fast
    Provide a solid rest on all terrain and extreme slopes so you can shoot up, down or cross slope confidently
    Operate on sand, rock, forested or snow and ice covered ground in all weather conditions to deal with anything
    Lightweight, rugged and take down to fit in your daypack to always be there
    Transform between bipod-monopod-tripod for a complete shooting rest system as you need it
    Made to last with a lifetime warranty
    Convert to rugged wrist strapped trekking poles to get into the backcountry with basket or rubber feet options
    Because it’s the right thing to do

All this is a tall order. Now came the big challenge, to design a system to satisfy our wish list and to create the best shooting sticks

The only way to make a rest perform fluidly like this was to have it ride on the legs like rails. That seemed somewhat obvious to us in the beginning, but the mechanism and controls kept us up late for over two years. We knew the solution would be a real game changer so we designed, prototyped, refined, tested and repeated the process until we were satisfied.  Four years and three patents later shooting sticks had evolved into the STEALTHPOD X shooting system. 

Confidence (noun): That feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something…firm trust 

Have the confidence to feel like you’ll never miss again and be “Ready For Every Shot”.

Bottom line: Roll wrapped carbon fiber is ideal for trekking poles. If you buy a carbon fiber pole from a reputable brand, you’ll know it is well designed and engineered. If you buy a random off-brand, you’re rolling the dice on quality. Argali



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