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March 9, 2016
Any Shooting Position—STEALTH POD X Has You Covered
March 28, 2016
tripod shooting sticks Stealth Pod X

STEALTH POD X™ is the only hunting Monopod/Bipod/Tripod shooting system you will ever use again. Converts from a Monopod to a Bipod in only moments. Monopod can be used as a walking stick and the bipod can be used as trekking poles. Need more stability for a really long range shot? Bipod easily converts to a Tripod that still provides a range of motion in angle and height from standing to prone. With the simple click of two buttons the STEALTH POD X™ rest is in motion, silently moving instantly within your natural point of aim as you look thru your sights. Release the buttons and you have a sturdy rest for your rifle on target. Never miss a shot again because your game moved and your rest couldn’t be adjusted fast enough to take a clean shot. With STEALTH POD X™ you will be ready for every shot.

Allan Antell: Welcome to “Stealth Podx.” My name is Allan Antell, and I want to demonstrate and show you today the Stealth Podx Tripod.

The Stealth Podx is a system of a bipod, a monopod, and a tripod, that are interchangeable. They allow you to be ready for every shot, because you can instantly move to a stable, natural shooting position by just pressing the two buttons on the handle. The rest rides on the outside of the legs.

To convert the bipod to a tripod, you rotate 180 degrees, and they separate. We also now have two trekking poles. You can adjust the height. They’ve got safety lever locks here, for extra safety. You can adjust them for going downhill or uphill, different heights.

To convert this to a tripod, we have a third tripod leg. It’s a traditional lever lock with telescoping legs, so you can set it to whatever height you want.

In this case I’m going to set it to the tall height. This would be when you want a more stable rest than a bipod, when you’re shooting standing, or particularly if you’re going to be in one position, watching game for a period of time, you can set this up. You can carry it assembled, in the field, as well.

To assemble it, once again, 180 degrees, rotate it. The same with the other handle, rotate it. Now you have a tripod, a shooting rest tripod. It’s extremely stable, and also when you press the buttons, it adjusts, so you can adjust the height and the shooting angle through quite a wide range of motion.

Obviously, the benefit to that is, if you’re lined up ready to shoot and the animal moves or you see another target off to the left or right, you can move to it. The minute you let go to these two buttons, it is rigidly set in place with your crosshairs on target.

Obviously, you can use the tripod standing. You can shorten down this leg, and you can use it kneeling or seated.

In each case, you’ve got a great amount of motion to adjust for different shooting angles and different targets. As a hunter, you want to be comfortable when you’re lined up for a shot. You want to be on your natural point of aim.

Anytime you have to reach or stretch, your body gets tense, your mind starts to wander if you’re going to be able to make that shot, so with a Stealth Podx, you can be ready for every shot.

We invite you to try it, and see for yourself, and then please send us pictures and stories of your successful hunts.

Thanks for watching.

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