Selecting the Right Bipod Shooting Sticks

Monopod shooting stick Stealth Pod X
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May 5, 2016
hunting bipod Stealth Pod X
Hunting Bipod Demo
June 6, 2016
bipod gun stand Stealth Pod X

Shooting sticks were born on the American Frontier and used by Native Americans. Some of the more rudimentary versions were simply wooden poles lashed or held together to form an X. Now we have access to commercially made poles that significantly improve a hunter’s shooting ability. It’s a more ethical way to hunt and shoot. Every hunter knows that the only thing worse than missing that great opportunity is taking the shot and getting that wrenching feeling in your gut when you see an animal wounded. Stability and the ability to support your natural point of aim is the key. But how do you select the right one?

Bipods are a great choice. Generally the more legs, the more stable the shot. But, the more legs the more setup is involved, which can sometimes create only a missed opportunity. Extra legs also mean extra weight to carry throughout the hunt. Finding the right bipod is ideal for hunting in wide-open country, particularly if the terrain won’t let you shoot lying down. During deer and antelope hunts for example, when out in open countryside you are far more successful with shooting sticks. Consider whether you typically use a spotting scope or binoculars; sticks can sport interchangeable heads with standard mounting screws for scopes or cameras. If you are carrying a pack, there are bipods that are easily collapsible.

Stable, Fast, and Support Every Shooting Position.

There are many advantages to using shooting sticks, the most important is stability and speed. Stealth Pod X® products give you the advantage of being stable, quick, and makes you a more confident hunter. They can also be used as walking sticks and trekking poles. They are part of a light weight, modular system that converts between Bipod, Tripod, and Monopod! Conversion is fast and easy. You can have it all!

Any extra ounces are more than overcome by the guaranteed stability in every shooting position, every hunting situation. You know you can quickly create the best shooting rest the situation demands whether standing to prone and whether stalking or hunting from a blind. A successful hunt results from an accurate, responsible, ethical shot.

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