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February 1, 2017
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February 17, 2017

When quail hunting season is approaching and for many hunters, it is the best time of the year. Unlike other seasons you get to hike and hunt with someone else or your beloved best-trained hunting dog. For hunters who crave more action than sitting silently and waiting for prey, quail season marks a far more exciting and satisfying hunt. Follow some of these tips to get the most out of your quail hunting season.

  • Start with some essentials. A good quail hunt is made great when you make sure to bring a well-trained hunting dog and your shooting sticks. Like our Stealth Pod X system, it’s perfect for hiking trails and steadying your shot, giving your shotgun the most power and effective shooting.
  • Wear Camouflage. Birds can see you as well as smell you when you’re close to them. Wear gear that helps you blend into your environment wherever you may be.
  • Get familiar with your hunting area and environment. If you have traveled to hunt it is best to check out the best open fields before actually going on the hunt. Familiarizing yourself with the fields can help you find the best spots for a great hunt.
  • Keep quiet and walk slowly. Walking into the wind is your best bet while keeping noise to a minimum. A well-trained dog will know how to quietly stalk and flush out a covey in perfect time for you to make your shots.
  • Late season hunting is actually the best. Some hunters will say to hunt early before the birds have been exposed to hunters. But going hunting at the end of the season is also a good option because so many other hunters have actually already packed it up and gone home. You may have to get off the beaten path a little, but late season quail hunting can be like hitting the jackpot.

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