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June 20, 2016
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Why Shooting Sticks Make the Best Shooting Rests
July 11, 2016
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All hunters know the four basic shooting positions: sitting, kneeling, prone, and standing or offhand. Each has their place out in the field. Also, every hunter has their own favorite “go to” position. This can come from the way you were originally taught, the terrain, or simply what is most comfortable for long periods. A rest can greatly improve your stability in any of the positions and help you control body and rifle movement. Shooting sticks make a great rest and are increasing in their popularity. They can make taking a shot in any of the different shooting positions easier and more successful.

While the prone position may be the easiest to master for many hunters, it is probably used the least. The prone position is the steadiest but often vegetation means a higher position is necessary.

The correct seated position can be harder to obtain than it sounds. Sit with legs crossed and your body 45 degrees to the target with ankles flat to the ground. You should also bend forward and rest your elbows over your knees. If you are in the correct position with the right elevation, the sights should be perfectly aligned to your target.

The kneeling shooting position is not as steady as prone or sitting, but it’s easier and faster to set up.  Your weak side foot and knee should be pointing at the target and supporting elbow over the knee, not on top of the knee.  Strong side leg knee should be on the ground at about 90 degrees. The kneeling position is ideal when a quick shot is necessary. A solid rest, such as shooting sticks can make this position much steadier and it has become a favorite of many hunters.

Finally standing is definitely the least steady position and not the best choice in most situations. It is however often the only option. Hunting situations often present only standing shots on uneven, rough terrain and the right shooting sticks can make all the difference.

To improve your next hunting trip, think about taking along shooting sticks, specifically Stealth Pod X® shooting sticks. They can improve your accuracy, allow you to change position quickly from standing to prone and double as trekking poles.

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