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Javelina hunting stealth pod x

The Javelina is a misunderstood animal to be sure. Many hunters mistakenly refer to them as hogs or boars. While they do resemble the razorback, they actually have some pretty big differences making them unlike hogs altogether. For example, Javelina have a different stomach that is non-ruminating and more complex than a hog. The Javelina is edible, although some are iffy on trying a taste of the meat. If cooked long enough at slow temps, the meat is known to be extremely tender and fall right off of the bone. Grabbing these tailless hog look-alikes is fairly easy if you follow some simple tips and tricks during your next Javelina hunting trip.

  • The Javelina can hear and smell you much like bigger game, such as deer or elk. Tracking Javelina is best when the wind is low so they can’t catch a whiff of you. Keep quiet as you walk to find them.
  • On cold mornings, they are in the sun. The Javelina’s hair is thin and when temps drop they look for banks or clearings with warmth and no wind.
  • Their eyesight is pretty poor which means you can get within 50-60 yards of a Javelina before they can pick out anything specific when there is movement.
  • Using grain like corn or other vegetation can be great bait to lure a Javelina to your spot.
  • Smaller calibers do the trick on a Javelina hunt. Their skin is pretty thin so taking them down with a less powerful shooter or even a bow is your best bet.
  • Using a shooting rest like those in the Stealth Pod X® line is perfect for Javelina hunting. Because you can lure them in with some carefully placed bait and get just within their line of clarity. Using our bipod or tripod systems is just the thing for getting off that perfect shot and claiming your trophy Javelina.

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