Using Hunting Sticks for Small Game Like Bobcats and Fox

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February 10, 2017
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February 28, 2017
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There are a few basics when hunting small game predators like bobcats or fox. Knowing their habits and the best places to find them is half the battle. Remember that what works for one type of small prey won’t work for the other as they each have their own habits and way of life. The basic hunting gear will remain the same for both – you will want either a shotgun or rifle depending on your shooting range, a distress call, decoys, and your Stealth Pod X hunting sticks system. Our bipod or tripod systems are designed to take you from prone to standing easily and quickly so you can make the perfect shot every time.

Hunting Fox

Some hunters feel it is easier to call fox especially the grey fox than bobcats because they come out in search of food during the day. When calling the grey fox it is best to do so close to heavy brush or an area of thick cover where rabbits are likely to inhabit. Calling a fox out in the open won’t be as successful since they are leery of running into coyote hunting rabbit. The fox population has been drastically decreased due to being hunted by coyotes. The red fox in particular have been hit hard by the hunter/prey relationship.

Hunting Bobcats

Less experienced hunters may think bobcats are harder to call out so learning the habits of bobcats is a key element for a successful hunt. Bobcats stalk and hunt at night and are most likely undercover or sleeping during the day. Calling them out requires hunting early in the morning or at dusk in the late evening hours. The key to a successful hunt is learning their habits and taking advantage of their hunger for small prey.

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