Hunting FAQs

Are there any weight limitations or any other reason you wouldn’t use STEALTHPOD X in any hunting situation?
No there are no weight limitations nor any reason SEALTHPOD X wouldn’t be useful in any hunting or shooting situation, except of course wing shooting! Seriously though, STEALTHPOD X supports any shooting situation that demands accuracy and quick site adjustment. When you consider how much we hike in tough, dangerous terrain the multipurpose trekking staffs only add value. The rising market demand for long range shooting and lightweight mountain rifles have driven the technology in new cartridges, propellants, rifle and barrel design and optics. We as hunters and marksmen are very fortunate today and we really need stable, mobile shooting rests to take full advantage.
How much weight can STEALTHPOD X hold?
It can support well over 125 pounds on each leg. We initially set a minimum 20 pound design criteria for hunting rifles and eventually exceeded that by a wide margin. Navy Seals have successfully field tested the STEALTHPOD X with 50 BMG rifles that weigh over 35 pounds and of course produce heavy recoil. Weight is no practical issue.
Is there any weather condition to limit the STEALTHPOD X?
They perform in all weather, even heavy rain and snow conditions. They can handle all the weather we hunters face.