Enhance Your Hunting Accessories with Bipod Shooting Sticks

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February 28, 2017
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March 13, 2018
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Shooting sticks come in many different varieties including a monopod to a tripod. Some hunter’s fashion their own from sticks and limbs or steady their shots using rocks or other natural resources when on the hunt. While a makeshift model may help steady a shot you can’t beat the stability and quality obtained through the use of our Stealth Pod X bipod system.  Bipod shooting sticks are reliable and versatile hunting accessories giving you the steadiness you need for the perfect angle and shot every time. Don’t settle when you can have the best there is.

The bipod system is two separate sticks that can be easily taken apart and used for trek poles when heading out in the timber or whatever other rough terrains you are hiking through to reach your game during your hunt. The bipod system goes from standing to prone with the squeeze of buttons and is so simple to use you can adjust the system with just one hand. Our easy to use system is an added bonus for times when you need to change positions quickly so you can keep your target in sight and make your shot.  A bipod shooting sticks model offers more stability than what you would have with just a monopod shooting stick. The bipod can be folded easily and packed away so it is easy to use and carry.

You could hunt without a quality set of shooting sticks but why risk it and go home empty handed? Choosing a set of Stealth Pod X shooting sticks can guarantee shot stability, a steady hand, and a great angle for getting off the perfect kill shot no matter what kind of game you are hunting. If you aren’t experienced with hunting with shooting sticks now is the time to try them. Check out stealthpodx.com for product demos using our bipod system and learn about the advantages shooting sticks can bring to your hunt.

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