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February 29, 2016
tripod shooting sticks Stealth Pod X
Stealth Pod X™ Rifle Tripod
March 18, 2016

Large Male Elk with Rack of Horns National Bison Range Charlo Montana

We love to hunt, love the outdoors, and we also love sharing the experience with our friends and family. The memories are cherished forever. In that sense every hunting adventure is a success.

But obviously the goal is to bring meat home for our family, and just maybe a trophy animal. We may have only one opportunity, one shot that makes all the difference between success and coming home empty handed.

All our preparation comes down to a few critical moments. It comes down to your rifle, your optics, your rest and all that practice. What about your shooting rest?

Be Ready For Every ShotTM

“Feel Confident…Like You’ll Never Miss Again”.


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  2. […] where you need them. Open country presents even more challenges. There is just no substitute for being prepared with STEALTH POD X® shooting […]

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