Don’t Miss That One Shot
March 9, 2016

See the STEALTH POD X™ in action, you can see for yourself how easily the STEALTH POD X™ bipod is to adjust. While keeping your natural point of aim you can move from the left to the right behind a tree. Quietly move from a standing to a kneeling position, release the buttons and the bipod is sturdy and stable for you to take your shot. We think this bipod will make you a better hunter and improve downrange accuracy. STEALTH POD X™ allows you to have a steady rest at every angle and height from standing to prone, making you Ready for Every Shot™.

This is an example of the STEALTH POD X™ bipod behind cover. It shows how you can move from standing to kneeling, shift to the left or right, and back to standing, simply by pressing two buttons. It truly allows you to be stealthier and it makes you a better hunter, so you can be Ready for Every Shot™.

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