Best Winter Hunting Gear & Accessories for Cold Weather

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best winter hunting gear stealth pod x

Winter hunting brings with it the need for a few different pieces of gear to get you through a good hunt. Some of the best winter hunting gear remains the same no matter what the season, like a good pack, binoculars, field dressing knife and other hunting accessories like a shooting stick. But the following tips will also assist you in having a comfortable and successful winter hunt.

  1. Insulated bibs and a good coat. For bow hunts and muzzleloaders, during the winter season, the temps can drop to sub-zero numbers. Add a freezing wind to those temps and you have a recipe for frostbite or hypothermia. Look for brands designed specifically for below freezing climates.
  1. Waterproof boots and gloves. Throw a little snow or drizzle into the mix and you are asking for trouble without waterproof gear. Insulated gloves and boots that are waterproof guarantee your hands and feet won’t go numb or get frostbite. Make sure to wear heavy socks made from wool.
  1. Hand and feet warmers. These little packets of warmth are perfect to add an extra layer of heat by sticking them in the toes of your boots and adding them to your pockets to warm up hands quickly. Cold hands have trouble getting off a stable shot.
  1. Heavy head and face cover. Heat leaves your body through your head so getting a heavy hat or beanie is vital to keeping your body heat high. Combo hats and face masks are also a great way to keep your head and face warm through a cold hunt.

So, before heading out in the cold these are some of the best winter hunting gear & essentials that will keep you from being miserable. When temps drop below zero and the wind is blowing something fierce the right gear can keep you warm in the biting cold and make your hunt more successful.

And to plow through the rugged winter landscape, our Stealth Pod X® bipod system easily comes apart to utilize the sticks as trekking poles for getting across the rugged wintry terrain. And our bipod shooting sticks guarantee a stable shot no matter what position you may need to be in from prone to standing or when you’re facing the biting cold.

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