hunting bipod Stealth Pod X
Hunting Bipod Demo
June 6, 2016
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Popular Shooting Positions
June 30, 2016

Many hunters have learned the advantages of using trekking poles, whether from personal experience, recommendation from a friend, or an article online. They can be instrumental for reducing leg strain and increasing your miles traveled in a day. Poles can also be a great help in surefootedness and balance to keep you safe. This can allow you to get to places you might not otherwise try. Finally, trekking poles can help promote blood flow that can minimize soreness and tingling that can occur in the hands and shoulders while carrying a heavy pack.

If you’ve chosen to use trekking poles on your next hunt, here are a few things you should look for before purchasing your first poles or your next set. Be sure your poles have a wrist strap and a secure lever lock. Also, look at their packability for the times you may not want to use them. Any added weight in your pack can make your journey more difficult. Think about the weight of the poles, as this can also affect fatigue if you factor in how many times you will raise your arms over a long hunt. Even just a few ounces heavier can add up quickly over a few days. All weight has to be worth it in purpose and use.

A good set of trekking poles can serve multiple purposes. The Stealth Pod X® can be used as shooting sticks and trekking poles. Why have separate items when one can do the job of two. The Stealth Pod X can instantly adjust to your natural point of aim in every shooting position. This makes you more relaxed and ready for your next shot.  It also has drilled and tapped leg caps to accept GoPro cameras. The Stealth Pod X is flat dark earth colored with black accents for concealment.

If you are looking for a set of trekking poles for your next hunt, think about the Stealth Pod X. It is a great choice for any hunter looking to carry less gear, but get the best poles and shooting sticks on the market.

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