The Best Shooting Stick Can Be a Small Game Changer

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January 13, 2017
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For many hunters, the best hunts are those for small game like squirrel or rabbit out in the timber or woods scanning the trees and brush for little trophies. Every seasoned hunter has his own shooting preference when it comes to small game. Some swear by a shotgun while others prefer their rifle. While utilizing shooting sticks may not come to mind when hunting for small game, there are some specific reasons why they should. And the best shooting stick can be a game changer during your next small game hunt.

Shooting sticks provide versatility for any hunt especially the Stealth Pod X® bipod and tripod hybrids. The ability to use them as trekking poles as you venture in for a game hunt can get you over any rough terrain with ease. When it comes time to take your shot, the best shooting stick can keep your stance strong and your shot straight. Take, for example, a shot at a squirrel. If you are quiet coming in, they won’t budge as you set up your shot. The Stealth Pod X system is so easy to use you will have your shot off before they even know you are there.

A bipod shooting system moves quickly from kneeling to prone to standing. If you have practiced using your shooting sticks ahead of time, you’ll move quick enough to get your shot off without a hitch. For distance shots with rabbit hunting using our system in a prone position is perfect to steady your rifle, helping you shoot straight every time. If you haven’t tried small game hunting with shooting sticks in the past there is no time like now to add them to your hunting arsenal and give it a try.

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