Getting the Best Shooting Angle with a Gun Stabilizer

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February 17, 2017
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A gun stabilizer also known as a shooting stick have been used by hunters for generations to steady shots and help get a better angle for shots. Shooting sticks have evolved from natural rests using hollow trees or rocks to sophisticated shooting systems that can be folded and packed up to carry easily and set up quickly for the benefit of the hunt. So how do you use a set of sticks to get the best angle during your hunt? Getting familiar with your gun stabilizer system and practicing shots before the day of the hunt are your best bet for figuring out the best angle and using them to your advantage.

Ideally, every animal would present itself broadside so you could get off the perfect shot to the vital organs without hitting the gut and backend. In this case, shooting sticks are perfect for steadying your rifle and a steady shot helps make the perfect shot. Other angles like quartering angles which give you the opportunity for a shoulder shot or at the vital organs depend on a steady shot and good aim to get the job done.

Our tripod system offers the most stability for any shooting angle and is designed to give you an advantage no matter what the terrain or angle. The tripod will offer stability vertically, laterally and forward and back making your shot steady and straight so that most any angle you are in is a good angle for shooting your game. The tripod system easily folds up or down so you can shoot from prone, kneeling, or standing to give you the upper hand in your hunt. Our tripod system is so versatile that it will easily convert to a bipod system to suit your terrain or walking sticks to help you trek to your location or to find a spot with a great shooting angle. The Stealth Pod X shooting system is designed for gun stability to make every hunt a successful hunt.

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