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April 8, 2016
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Walking Sticks Can Change Your Game
April 25, 2016

Hunting is a craft as much as it is a sport. Every hunter practices their shooting, coming to know their gun and their stance as well as the game they hunt. Boosted confidence comes from practice and experience and having the proper equipment. Next to your rifle, a good shooting stick makes all the difference. Here are a few ways that a shooting stick can create confidence.

Knowing your gun and your ammo and putting time in at the range all boosts confidence. So does experience in the field. A shooting stick can provide an excellent addition to your hunting gear by providing key advantages. For example, with a shooting stick, you will not telegraph the movement of your gun from your lap to the ready position, all you need to do is lean in!

One of the issues while learning to hunt, particularly for younger hunters, is making an accurate shot that is good, clean and ethical every time. Making a shot that wounds the animal is no one’s goal, and for beginning hunters or those who are enjoying the hunt of a lifetime, you need all the confidence you can get. A shooting stick will create confidence by minimizing movement and providing a solid rest. It isn’t only younger hunters who battle nerves when it comes to making that perfect shot. The excitement of the hunt creates an issue with stability that even experienced hunters have to overcome. A shooting stick can create the steady aim you need and control your excitement.

Being rock solid makes for better quality shots, and when you know the shot you are taking is on a solid rest, you develop more confidence in your shooting. A hunter who worries about making a long shot is thinking about missing and probably shouldn’t take that shot. The increased stability of a shooting stick lets you approach your shot with far more confidence and make it.

Why not discover how a shooting stick can create more confidence in you? Don’t you want to give yourself every advantage?

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